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  1. slwlyawakend66 says:

    Felt an Awesome Release of Several areas. this is one of the best on Youtube!

  2. I tried this last night, and it really worked for me! Thanks!

  3. Paul Santisi says:

    Join the conversation on our FACEBOOK Page
    paul santisi meditations

    see you there!

  4. troymeah1969 says:

    thankyou very good

  5. amazin!g stuff. Thank you so much

  6. Paul Santisi says:

    Hello, yes that stuff is coming in being put together! You can purchase HIGH QUALITY MP3 downloads for a few dollars at in the link in the description.

    Thanks for the kind words and keep becoming more great!

  7. B Brierley says:

    This was amazing.
    Paul – you need to teach this stuff!
    Do you have any programs for sale??

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