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The Law of Atraction Experience


“You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are”  Dr Wayne Dyer

Very powerful quote and I truly believe in it.  It doesn’t matter what you want as long as you have beliefs counter to what you want you will keep only getting anything based on how you believe deep inside.  I think you have to conditioned yourself to just enjoy this experience and once you do that you will receive abundance, and what you truly need.  Please read below.

This page is about the law of attraction and my experience.

The law of attraction is very popular among those who seek a change in their life and believe in the power of the universe to bring that change.  There are many books, movies, documentaries, techniques that claim will change people’s lives to bring everything they desire.  People think that the law of attraction can give them riches, health, relationships, and they figure that once they have these desires accomplished then they will be happy and will have joy in their life.

I used to think the same way about the law of attraction basically I get what I want and I would be happy, I would have joy.  My experience and personal belief is that money, relationships, beauty, does not bring happiness or joy in a long term.  My belief is that joy, yes JOY will bring abundance, and will set up the stage for the universe to take care of what I need.

The law of attraction works and I have experienced it myself, but not in the traditional way.  I will explain exactly how it happened and why I believe it is such a simple process that in my opinion gets taken for granted.

I have watched documentaries, read a couple of books, applied some techniques, it didn’t work.  The general concept is that our thoughts create our reality and by changing our thoughts to what we want we will eventually get it.  Basically thoughts with emotions will bring about the desired outcome applying the techniques the book or documentary says to do, simple right?  Not in my case, I think the problem with this concept that happened to me and I believe may happen to other people is that for example if we want a car or a house or a relationship doubts will creep up and that conditioning from birth will kick in that says if you want something you need to work really hard to get it or based on the environment our conditioning many say we don’t deserve it or we will never get it.  It is true that the techniques most books, or movies teach is to change those beliefs but honestly I found it hard and in my case I dismissed them after a while.

JOY, JOY, JOY is what I found and that changed my life, here’s what happened.

A couple of years ago I bought a book called “abundance” by john Randolph price.  The book focuses on money somewhat on what  to do to attract money.  I read the book but what interested the most was the second part of the book.  It was a 40 day program to attract abundance, it gives you instructions on what to do, it gives you an affirmation and it claims that within that 40 day period your life will change with abundance coming your way.

I will say that I did not follow all the rules.  I did my own thing and I must admit that little book gave me the biggest outlook on how thoughts, feelings, emotions create, influence, your reality.

Here’s what I did:  After reading the affirmations I also read my own, I particularly like one that I learned from another book from Robert Scheinfeld.  Many say he is out for money but I will admit he did help me further my knowledge.  Anyways after reading the affirmation from the book I wrote it down in a journal then I wrote down my own affirmation that would go something like this:
“I am the presence of God, I am an infinite being, I am pure consciousness.  I create my reality I create my experience, I create everything in my experience.  Give me my power back (with a lot of emotion) thank you for this experience I appreciate this experience.

So I started doing this everyday at night and in the morning, just like the book says the first few days nothing seems to happen but then this inner peace, this joy started to creep up.  I’m telling you I would drive out to work and I would actually feel like time had slowed down and no longer a rush to do anything, at the same time work started to be enjoyable rather than a nightmare, and this was only the beginning.

Apparently that estate of being the joyfulness I felt was the foundation of greater things to come because once I felt that way I had no expectations, I just waited for the day to unfold and for things to happen which I had no clue what that would be.

We had a car loan and we still owed about a year’s worth of payments.  Well it so happens that one of our claims form a military move finally was settled, we had been waiting for some reimbursement to show up but nothing too big.  To our surprise the settlement helped us pay off the car plus other things, the settlement was earlier than we thought, and more than we thought.

Certain things at work happened where I definitely thought were strange.  Things that I would think would blow up the next day with someone screaming, well never happened.  Things seemed to work out themselves by external means and my point is what I noticed was the less I worried about something the less anything volatile happened.

The less I worried about that car payment the less it mattered and somehow it worked out where it disappeared.

So here’s the stage of how things evolved.

1.  Read the book
2.  Applied the readings with my own twist.
3.  changed my perception, my perspective
4.  the above foundation was the catapult for greater things to happen

Now you would think up to now all my wishes have come true and I’m full of joy and happiness but that’s not the case and the reason I think it’s because I got lazy.  I felt content with what was happening and thought oh well it’s going to continue but it didn’t.  I let things get to me, the busy life took over and now I’m trying to get back but it’s like the cartoon where one voice goes “hey do it and experience joy again”  but then the other voice goes “it’s not real, pure coincidence” so yeah a little of a struggle but my point I guess I’m trying to make is the goal is to maintain that sense of joy in my case anyways because it really is the foundation for extraordinary things to happen.

I encourage you guys to check out that book “Abundance” by John Randolph Price.  Put your twist in it and be flexible for the universe to handle things and give you the abundance you are entitled to.

You can check out the book here The Abundance Book